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Does listening to Mozart improve your test performance?


Perhaps it was this orderly quality of Mozart’s music that led physician Alfred Tomatis to suggest that listening to Mozart might benefit children with certain disorders, such as autism, who have difficulty communicating. In his book Why Mozart?, Tomatis (1991) claimed to have helped such children enormously by having them listen to, among other things, modified versions of Mozart compositions. 

S. Marc Breedlove on the bogus Mozart effect in Principles of Psychology

WWC Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions


Hi everyone,

So we’ve updated our FAQ and Guidelines which, just from the volume of questions that we receive that fall under these categories below, isn’t read quite as often as I’d like so we wished to make it easier to access.

Please check out these FAQ and guidelines, also found here.

Thank ya!


Writing with Color: Ask Guidelines

Ever since this blog opened for business, we’ve been inundated with Asks pertaining to writing PoC, and some of them are quite difficult to answer thoroughly. We check the answers with the other mods to make sure we’re giving you the best advice we can. Please be patient. On the other hand, here are Asks that we won’t answer: 

  • general writing questions.
  • questions that have nothing to do with PoC or only deal tangentially with them.
  • questions that ask for facts you can easily Google.
  • questions that ask “how do I write a ___________ character?” See FAQ.
  • questions that have nothing to do with writing (we will either direct you to blogs that can answer them or answer them at our own leisure).
  • questions that are basically ‘Why haven’t you answered my question yet? Why are you so slow?’
  • those that are similar to questions we’ve already answered (please check the tags): in this case, we’ll link you to previous answered questions or a guide that will help you.
  • we also urge you not to send in questions with racial slurs that aren’t blocked out or denoted as “n word” “g word” etc. (if you still choose to do this, your question may go unanswered).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I write a ____________ character?

1. First off, check the tag pertaining to the type of character you’re looking to write. For example, if you’re writing an Indian character, search terms such as “indian” and “south asian” might be a good start.

2. A general rule when writing any Character of Color is to be mindful that while they might not be like you in terms of some cultural and certain daily experiences, they are like you in that they’re human. Humans with thoughts and dreams and feelings just like you. Capable of joy, snark, and laughter. So remember: human. Not aliens.

3. Don’t focus so much of whether you’re writing a proper ______ character.

You risk homogenizing your Characters of Color when you do this. Not all Black girls think the same. Not all Japanese men act the same. There may be some common experiences and feelings within a group, but everyone has their own perspective, experiences and thoughts despite their race; no hiveminds here.

Also, as with any character, background is a huge factor of a person and where they live and family life has an influence on a person’s making. For example, a Black boy who grew up in a mansion in California will have a different outlook than a Black boy who grew up on a Wisconsin bee farm swapped in cornfields. Same for their accents, style, and overall experience with life.

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King Philip’s War Summary and Definition

The History of the King Philip’s War including details of the cause, reason, and summary. The dates and years of the Indian wars – when the war started and when the conflict ended.
The causes of the Indian wars, battles and conflicts, including the King Philip’s War, were generally because of the opening of Indian lands to colonization, the conquest of the Native American Indians or the history of forced relocation to Indian reservations.


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